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Oct 4, 2018

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When Brian and I set out to make our photography business a husband and wife team I never realized how much of a blessing it would be. I am very fortunate to have it as my full time career and we are striving to make it Brian’s as well. I made a life changing business decision to go to one of the last two Katelyn James Workshops to help push our business even further and in doing so, Brian without even batting and eye stepped up and agreed to capture Kaitlyn and Garrett’s engagement session solo.

I was wanting to cry the ugly happy tears while I was sitting down eating ice cream with not only Katelyn and her husband Michael and 10 other sweet girls as a get to know you when Brian started texting me how excited he was over this session. He had so many ideas and just could not wait to meet this sweet couple I had kept telling him about. I then very quickly got a message saying do not disturb because our couple is here, a couple hours later there had to have been thirty plus back of the camera images coming through my phone saying how amazing Kaitlyn and Garrett were and I have to meet them!

Kaitlyn and Garret were wonderful, they agreed to meet Brian at our families private ranch in Bedias where I can tell the session was nothing but smiles, giggles and love. You can tell with having them on the ranch they were in their happy place. I have enjoyed getting to know more about both of them and wishing nothing but blessings in their future!

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